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The next generation of our Fan App is here

Our next generation of Fan App has arrived, building on our mission to reimagine the match day experience.

Head of Innovation Engineering Justin Cook said “This app represents a tremendous update for cricket communities. We have really tried to bring a professional level of interactivity, engagement and convenience to anyone using our app. Whether it's a parent watching a video highlight of their child's first wicket, keeping an eye on the stats at your own game, or checking results from around the grounds, we take the match day from the pitch, and deliver it to mobile devices anywhere in the world.”

Those familiar with our Fan App will be pleased with what the upgrade brings, with an optimised onboarding experience, personalised dashboard and more insights into upcoming, live and completed matches than ever before. The update also includes live streams and match highlights generated through our FrogBox video solution, putting you in prime seats as you watch from your living room.

Through our partnership with the ECB, the Play-Cricket Live App is set to continue to be the destination of choice for recreational cricket fans across the UK, with the newest version hitting the stores this week.

Download the next-gen Play-Cricket Live App in the App Store or Google Play and follow the action across the UK in season 2020.

If you are a national cricket body interested in what our next gen Fan App can provide for you, then please get in contact with the team here at InteractSport.

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