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Payments Terms and Conditions

InteractSport Primary Payment Gateway – Terms and Conditions of Use

The following terms and conditions apply in relation to the access and use of the Primary Payment Gateway.

1. Definitions

IAS means InteractSport of Level 1, 351 William Street, West Melbourne, Vic.

InteractSport Platform includes but is not limited to core products developed by IAS such as Resultsvault and Sportzvault and other websites or mobile apps developed and maintained by InteractSport for the use by its Clients and Clients’ affiliated organisations from time to time.

Payment Processor means the third party engaged by InteractSport to deliver secure and compliant payment capture and funds disbursement services as part of the Primary Payment Gateway.

Organisation or Authorised Organisation means any client of InteractSport who maintains a current license agreement permitting use of the InteractSport Platform and its related digital components. Authorised Organisations are those organisations affiliated to the client and are permitted use of the IAS Platform through their relationship with the Organisation, for the avoidance of doubt, this includes, but is not limited to, individuals, clubs, associations, State Associations and Territory Associations, National and International Associations.

Merchant means the Authorised Organisation using the Primary Payment Gateway to collect payments for goods or services they provide.

Resultsvault and Sportzvault means the core management systems operated and maintained by InteractSport and licensed to clients and their authorised affiliated organisations and may include web pages and other modules licensed to the client which incorporate a secure administration area and a publicly available information area which shall be accessible through the InteractSport platform and or Client websites and or related digital platforms maintained by InteractSport or the Client.

Administrative User means an individual within an Organisation (Merchant) who:

  1. has been granted an IAS Platform administration account relative to their Organisation hierarchy; and
  2. is authorised by their organisation to maintain accurate and correct contact information for the Organisation and its staff/board/volunteers
  3. is authorised by their Organisation to agree to these terms and conditions on behalf of the Organisation and any other terms and conditions which may be imposed or varied from time to time by InteractSport in relation to the administrative user’s or Organisation’s use of the platform; and
  4. consents to their contact email address to be publicly accessible by reason of their use of the InteractSport Platform.

Organisation participant means any person who has any role or involvement in relation to the Organisation, including for example a player or parent or guardian.

Data means all data entered and generated by the Primary Payment Gateway, including personal information and not limited to data entered and stored by the InteractSport Platform.

User means any and each of the following:

  1. Administrative User
  2. Organisation participant with an active login to manage their InteractSport Platform information.
  3. Anonymous user accessing public information available on the InteractSport Platform either directly or indirectly through IAS developed and maintained digital assets.
  4. an Organisation or Authorised Organisation or Merchant.

2. Terms of Provision

  1. IAS will use its best endeavours to provide access to the Primary Payment Gateway in such a manner that it is available to the maximum extent possible within IAS’s reasonable control, having regard to any planned system outages for upgrades and maintenance that IAS may announce from time to time.
  2. The Merchant is solely responsible for all information supplied to IAS and the Payment Processor which is necessary for it to access and use the Primary Payment Gateway.
  3. The Merchant is responsible for any fees for use of the Primary Payment Gateway and any administrative charges which are agreed to in the appropriate licensing agreement.

3. Conditions of Use

  1. Access to the Primary Payment Gateway is only available to the Authorised Organisation and its merchants for use within the InteractSport Platform.
  2. The Administrative User is responsible for the actions of any person whom they activate as an additional Administrative User for their Organisation and will ensure that each additional Administrative User for their Organisation shall comply with these terms and conditions.
  3. By accessing and/or using the Primary Payment Gateway, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use imposed by the Payment Processor and / or IAS from time to time and as advised to you.
  4. With respect to the Primary Payment Gateway:
  1. the Payment Processor will be entitled to deduct a service fee, as applies from time to time, from payments received by the Merchant using the Primary Payment Gateway;
  2. the Merchant is solely responsible for the generation of invoices to be paid by the Organisation’s participants in relation to any services or products acquired via the Primary Payment Gateway (if any).
  3. The Payment Processor will be responsible for processing all Primary Payment Gateway related transactions, including payment processing, account settlement, disbursement of funds; and
  4. all funds processed using the Primary Payment Gateway will be held by the Payment Processor and disbursed according to the agreed process as set between IAS and the licensed Organisation.
  5. IAS reserves the right to pass on fees to a Merchant in accordance with the license agreement and not limited to those outlined in the Additional Fees outlined in condition 5. of these terms and conditions.

4. Security

IAS and the Payment Processor use industry standard security measures to safeguard and protect your information.  This includes taking reasonable steps to ensure your information is protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

The Payment Processor has been assessed and certified to the highest level of compliance provided by the PCI Data Security Standards and are required to maintain this standard.

5. Additional Fees

There are currently no additional fees in this schedule.

6. Service Fees

Any fees accrued by the merchant, which remain uncollected through the Primary Payment Gateway for a period of 30 days, may be invoiced by IAS to the merchant with reasonable payment terms.

7. Disputes and Refunds
The current disputes and refunds policy can be found here