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Disbutes and Refunds Policy

InteractSport Primary Payment Gateway – Refunds and Disputes Policy

What is the InteractSport Primary Payment Gateway?

This is a purpose-built payment gateway optimised for use within the InteractSport Platform. This platform is also commonly known as MyNetball (licenced by Netball Australia), Play Football (licenced by Football Federation Australia), ResultsVault and ResultsVault Cricket.

What is a dispute?

A dispute occurs when a cardholder contacts their card issuing bank and demands to have their money returned. Disputes are a feature of the Visa, Mastercard and American Express networks intended to protect cardholders. Cardholders will commonly dispute a charge on their account due to one of the following reasons;

  • Not as described - The cardholder claims to have never received the goods, or the goods were materially different from their expectations.
  • Not recognised - The cardholder has no recollection of what a charge in their bank statement relates to.
  • Fraud - The cardholder claims they did not authorise the purchase (e.g. their card information was stolen and used fraudulently).
  • Admin error - Duplicate billing, incorrect amount billed or a refund which was promised but never processed.

How is a dispute raised with IAS?

The cardholder will contact their issuing bank and dispute the charge. The issuer then raises a retrieval request with the Payment Processor, and our partner then advises us of the dispute notification.

How does IAS handle a dispute?

In the first instance, IAS will contact the cardholder with detail of their purchase and ask them to withdraw the dispute. In parallel, we will provide to our payment partner, a copy of the invoice, date of transaction, and any other material to show the transaction is legitimate.

What if the dispute is cancelled?

If the cardholder is successful in cancelling their dispute, no further action is required.

What if the dispute is unsuccessful?

IAS will attempt to work with the Payment Processor to prove the charge is legitimate. If they are successful, then no further action is required

What if the dispute is successful?

If a dispute is successful, and the payment amount is returned to the cardholder, then IAS will notify the relevant merchant. IAS will advise the organisation to mark the transaction as cancelled, any products they have purchased to be returned and/or memberships cancelled.

An admin fee equal to that imposed by the Payment Processor will be recorded as an adjustment on your payment settlement report, and in your next disbursement the amount will be withheld.

What if the cardholder agrees to repay the amount?

IAS will issue the cardholder a repayment link to enable them to make payment. This payment will be only for the Original disputed Fee. The merchant may choose to approach the cardholder and request that they are reimbursed for Dispute fee.

Can I request a refund for my participants?

Approved refunds are when the Merchant that provided the registration product agrees to refund a person for their purchase. The amount refunded will be in accordance with the Merchant’s own refund policy and that of its affiliated organisation’s refund policies where a Registration product is involved. Requests for refunds involving a Registration product refund will not be processed by IAS without the consent of the organisations governing body.

The maximum amount for an approved refund is capped that at the original transaction amount less the fees incurred to process the original transaction amount.

What if a system error causes and incorrect charge?

If it is found that a system defect at the time of payment caused a person to overpay then upon IAS confirming that this was a system defect, the full amount including fees to process the payment will be refunded.

IAS is authorised to process adjustments to recover the refund from the merchant, where the funds have already been disbursed to the merchant.