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Automated Sports Video

FrogBox creates a hands-free stream in an all inclusive kit capable of capturing any sport. With highly engaging graphics and easy distribution to the end user, FrogBox professionally showcases sport at any level while offering new revenue opportunities.

Introducing FrogBox!

The FrogBox brand encapsulates the automated production and management of video and related services to all levels of the sports market.  In development since 2017, it was launched in 2020 and represents a major part of the re-imagined match day experience.
Video Management & Distribution

Automated video management system and end user match centres. Streaming, mixing, highlights and more.

Live Graphics

Fully automated and highly engaging graphics package that can offer branding and commercial opportunities.

Streaming Kit

All in one streaming kit that is designed for self service and contains everything you need to start capturing your sport.

Production Services

As part of a full service model, there are a number of fully contained broadcast and production offerings available

Video Management & Distribution

A huge part of the FrogBox eco-system is the video management back-end which automates much of the process and dramatically lowers the cost of video distribution.  This service is included as a part of the FrogBox Season pass or can be made available as a standalone service.

  • Automated streaming management
  • Cloud based mixing service for graphics
  • Multiple endpoints
  • Controller app
  • Automated highlight generation
  • Match Widgets, Match Centres
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Live Graphics

Integrated through our Live Scoring App, the automated graphics package has multiple displays and advertising opportunities available – engaging the end user and delivering high quality visibility for your corporate partners.

  • Fully automated
  • Integrating to InteractSport Live Scoring
  • Multiple displays, scorebug, teamlists etc
  • Sponsor and pop up advertising
  • Branding watermarks
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FrogBox streaming kit

All in one streaming kit that is designed for self service and contains everything you need to start capturing your sport and have it streamed live to the cloud.

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Designed for quick setup by anyone
  • 4.5m camera mast
  • 20hr battery life
  • Great audio capturing the "sounds of the game"
  • Solid carry case
  • Companion control app
  • Great quality Panasonic camera, optical zoom
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Production Services

As part of the full service model, there are a number of on-site and remote production services available.

  • Multi or single camera options
  • Instant replays
  • Commentary (multi language solution)
  • Live camera switching
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