ResultsVault works on an "enter once, available to all principle" with data being made available securely at the appropriate access levels. All organisations in the system form a hierarchical tree from individual clubs and teams to state and national bodies with data being entered and flowing through to each level. A typical use scenario would involve a league with a number of affiliated clubs:

  • A League will set up a number of grades or divisions and enter teams in them
  • The League would then create fixtures online after entering the number of rounds, dates and selecting a fixture template
  • Clubs would be able to request availability for matches via and then select teams
  • A competing club/team in a match would enter the result while the other club/team would confirm the result ensuring that both teams agree on the outcome and scores
  • Leagues have the option of making match result official thereby locking the result for clubs
  • The system would automatically calculate ladders and standings for display immediately on the club or league website
  • Clubs would be able to enter detailed player statistics that would be the basis of any number of automatically generated statistical reports.
  • Save valuable time - the huge range of features developed specifically for sport means less paper work, fewer phone calls to chase people up and no more double handling of information. Clubs and Leagues using ResultsVault report increased volunteer satisfaction and retention.
  • Cost savings - performing tasks online will lead to reduced costs in printing, postage and phone calls.
  • Improved communications with your players, supporters and sponsors.
  • Remove the dependence on that “one person” to do the work – ResultsVault supports multiple users from any number of locations.
  • Match results and statistics instantly available from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
  • Increased availability of information will encourage greater participation and spirit within your club or association.
  • ResultsVault is 100% accessible over the Internet using a web browser - there is no need to install extra software! It is therefore easier to learn and easier to rollout to users.