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The live scoring display for the Australian Rules version of the iPhone app
Professional live scoring solution for grassroots sports 

InteractSport is proud to announce our next generation of live scoring applications available on the iPhone and iPad platforms.  Leveraging off the ResultsVault Basketball LiveScore application for the iPad released in 2012, the new suite of products will come in two purpose built formats for both the iPhone and the iPad and cover most teams sports including Australian Rules, Netball, Rugby, Hockey, Football etc.

The iPhone version is targeted at team scoring while the larger format iPad version also includes players scores and statistics.  Both versions integrate directly  in real time to the ResultsVault competition management system - scores and statistics are available as soon as the action is recorded.
The first iPhone application (customized for Australian Rules Football) is now available from the iTunes App Store with other sports and versions for the iPad will follow during 2013.

LiveScore for iPhone (Australian Rules) now in the iTunes App Store

Search for "Live Score Aussie Rules" or click here to view the app in iTunes.  Download is free, but to test it out you'll need to contact us for a username/password to score a live match on our Test platform.

ResultsValue LiveScore for the iPhone is a native application targeted at grassroots sports for scoring of matches live with the ability to synchronise in real time to the ResultsVault cloud based service for instant publishing on league websites, club websites or smartphone apps.

Features include:
  • A native application - a far more robust and reliable service as compared to web based offerings.  Not just a website with a clock but a purpose built application!
  • Score offline if required and upload later if out of range of mobile or wireless networks.
  • Simple to use for any novice user.
  • Game locking and user access restrictions.
  • Directly integrated into the ResultsVault competition management system for instant publishing - part of a complete competition management product suite.
  • Share to Twitter© and Facebook© with single click.
  • Undo feature for easy rectification of scoring mistakes.
  • Clock editing and game log.
  • Direct score entry if unable to score play by play.
  • Tried and tested system, thousands of matches scored using the ResultsVault LiveScoring API.

LiveScore Dashboard

LiveScoring Dashboard available as part of a provided website or for integration into a pre-existing website

Full match detail display showing progress scores, quarter by quarter breakdown and scoring analysis
The complete LiveScoring Package

"For those Leagues that want a professional and reliable service the ResultsVault LiveScoring package is without equal"

The ResultsVault LiveScore application is part of a suite of cloud and mobile based products that will deliver an unparalleled user experience for participants, supports, sponsors and parents.  Elements of this package include:

  • Robust and reliable scoring via a native mobile application.
  • Real time updates to the ResultsVault server
  • LiveScoring dashboard as part of our easy to use League of Club website product or for easy integration into an existing website.
  • No Ads!  We hear it quite often how annoying it is to have ads placed on YOUR website by other companies.  Take control of your online space with YOUR branding and YOUR sponsors.
  • Match details display showing progress scores, time clock, quarter by quarter score breakdowns and scoring analysis.
  • Option to include the full Resultsvault competition and participant management solution used by over 10,000 organisations Australia wide.
  • Option to include a branded League based smartphone application (see below).

Customised Smartphone Application

As an option to Leagues we can also offer a customised SmartPhone Application with your own branding and sponsor messages.  End users can download the app and access competition information, news, ground locations etc relevant  to that League.  

This also includes the ability to access the LiveScore feed generated from the LiveScore applications.  Contact us for more details for both the iPhone and Android versions and the specific needs of your competition.

A sneek peek into the design of the iPad version of the ResultsVault LiveScore product for Australian Rules in "dual team" mode.  App allows for recording of player stats in real time

Sneak Peek into the future

"Make available for grassroots sports a level of detail comparable with that available in elite level sport"

The tablet version of this product range is currently in development and will allow grassroots sports the  ability only currently available at the elite level - full player scoring and statistics in real time.  Features will include:
  • Ability to record team scores and players statistics and upload them to the ResultsVault server in real time.
  • Ability to cater for multiple players statistics.  For Australian Rules the will include goals, behinds, kicks, handballs, marks, tackles, frees for and frees against.
  • Match detail display of website showing  live stats as they are updated.
  • Aggregated statistics available on the website for player statistics across a season or across all matches in a competition.


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