Release 5.99.098

Release Date: 21st Apr 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-841. Netball. Albany NA Scorecard.
  • ARD-441. ARU. Admin footer link fix.
  • MND-855. Fix for transaction reversal logging of event registration cancellations.
  • ISB-424. Fix for player merge routine to handle the updated login system.
  • MND-691. NetSetGO Detailed List Report - Add Program Type.
  • ISB-442. Fix for maintaining grade selection context on Grade Edit screen.
  • ARD-422. ARU. Menu adjustment + update for club context filtering.
  • ARD-462 & ARD-458. ARU. Scorecard inclusion of player positions.
  • MND-681. Netball. Organisation ID added to the entity program manager search.
  • MND-995. Team Selection - Option to disable positions.
  • GV-15. Golf. Admin enrolment. Auto assign to wait-list when event is full & available space on wait list.
  • ISB-399. Team Manager added to Team Nomination pages.
  • ISB-443. Fix for incorrect game result status shown on public fixture.
  • ARD-447. Match Status - Association result entry.
  • ISB-444. Venue manager. Bug fix for clubs context.
  • MND-1007. QLD Netball. Fix for transaction report.
  • ARD-423. Team Incomplete Report.
  • ARD-463. ARU. Include non-filled positions on team selections page.
  • ARD-465. ARU. Include non-filled positions on match details page.
  • ARD-476. Allow player points to be between 0-20.
  • MND-1009. Netball. Messaging option added for CM & CP.


Release 5.99.097

Release Date: 8th Apr 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ISB-439. Fix for blank match options window.
  • MND-421. Netball. Scorecard. Mackay NA. (template97).
  • ARD-325. Team List. Further adjustments.
  • MND-843. Netball. Scorecard. Whyalla NA. (template89).
  • MND-976. Added Learning tabe to person edit.


Release 5.99.096

Release Date: 7th April 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-319. Select team enhancements.
  • ARD-375. Addition of Assistant Referee field on team sheet.
  • ARD-332. Bonus Point - Assistant Referee.
  • MND-978: Fix for 2nd/3rd coaches not being found on Team Members Report.
  • MND-980. Adjustments to accreditation's permissions.
  • ISB-423. Minor fix to allow access to inactive entities.
  • MND-965. Netball. Hide site template background for my2 subdomain.
  • ISB-392. Fix for admin search flag settings in person edit.
  • MND-797. Netball. Perth NA. Scorecard. (template09)
  • MND-929. Netball. SEFNL. Scorecard. (template98)
  • MND-842. Netball. GSNA. Scorecard. (template08)
  • MND-989. Spelling error fix in NA mandatory field.
  • ARD-459. Bond University - Team Select & Squads updates.
  • MND-498. Centre Approval Email Message - Updates.
  • MND-984. Netball. Participant Pack Report. Date selection criteria uses Program Start Date.
  • MND-485. Netball. Participant Pack Report. Entity name changed from entity display name.
  • MND-982. Netball. Fix for entity context selection in centre management.
  • ARD-325. Team List. Portrait format added.
  • ARD-320. Match Manager Enhancements.
  • Support for taking certain pages offline in disaster recovery mode.


Release 5.99.095

Release Date: 22-03-2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-623. Netball. Slider url fix.
  • ARD-321. Fixture Display Enhancements.
  • MND-517. Security user report adjustment.
  • MND-967: Payment description update
  • MND-960. Team nomination grading report fix for duplicated players.
  • MND-969. Fix to registration period inheritance
  • ARD-451. ARU. Menu adjustment
  • Improved feedback for registration product check
  • MND-945. Bug fix for parent entity override
  • MND-945. Fix for initial check for centre products that have an parent override on them.
  • MND-971. Fix for registration edit when selecting parent registration types.
  • MND-856: NSG - allow for the addition of saleable items to NSG sign up for
  • ARD-329: Fixture Report Download - Enhancement.


Release 5.99.093

Release Date: 10th March 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Included Registration Participant History table into merge routine.
  • GV-12. Events administration. Venue column added to results.
  • MND-948. Netball. 2016 NSG enrolment report added.
  • MND-926. Netball. Advanced pricing enforced for all prices.
  • ISB-413. Event Manager. Bug fix for season selection.
  • MND-947. Membersignup edit. Hide fields in use by template.
  • MND-946. Entry/Close dates for team nomination form.
  • MND-937. Player bulk transfer for Kayako.
  • MND-932. Fix for download for registration detail report when no date range entered.
  • MND-952. Replay registration removed in error.
  • MND-756. Person logon manager. Added ability to search for no role and no sub roles.
  • MND-509: Append orgid & player_id to description for payments processed online.
  • Minor fixes and updates relating to new participant login.


Release 5.99.092

Release Date: 2 Mar 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ISB-407. Fix for spaces in encrypted query string parameter, in invoice print link (after payment).
  • ISB-411. Fix for 'test mode' on SV sites.
  • ISB-409. Fix for 'test mode' on SV sites.
  • 841530. Fix for setting NULL product dates.
  • 841435. Fix for async reports and NULL parameter passing.
  • MND-835. Paging fix for webstore.
  • Accreditation bug fix when logging on under certain conditions.
  • Updates to event custom fields.
  • New user authentication usability fixes.


Release 5.99.091

Release Date: 26th Feb 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-825. 3rd gender option (undisclosed) added to sign-up and to bulk upload.
  • ARD-419. ARU. Fix for a certain config to hide expired accreditations from PP (they show in admin).
  • ISB-404. Fix for rss feeds to show most recent first.
  • MND-931. Bug fix for enrolment manager results.
  • ISB-405. Menu updates.
  • MND-924. Show the default parent association name when configuring event program slots.
  • ARD-324. Competition Settings - Player Selection updates.
  • ISB-307. Fix for notifications across different sports.
  • Log history added to gateway configurations.
  • Golf. Default roles added for event signup.
  • MS Product: Allowed times to be set for available from and to dates.
  • MS Product: Turn off dynamic pricing if price set below liability.
  • MS Product: Allow national users to set dynamic pricing options.
  • MemberSignup: Fix for using signup process for LMS enrol for user with email ID.
  • Golf. handicap added for score entry and display.


Release 5.99.090

Release Date: 23rd Feb 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Upgrade of login pages.
  • Ability for participant logins to be converted to email address.
  • Upgrade of participant login creation.


Release 5.99.089

Release Date: 19th Feb 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-891. Particpant Portal. Hide signup forms for in-active centres.
  • MND-917. Report added to Enterprise report list.
  • MND-927. Minor fix for dynamic pricing setting.
  • ISB-393. Prevent Symbols in Widget Headers.
  • MND-920. Include zero totals in registration report.
  • MND-767. Include cancelled enrolments on reports & screens.
  • MND-848. Fix to un-enrol an NSG participant.
  • MND-464. Fix to un-enrol an NSG participant.
  • MND-768. Include inactive programs on the enrolment administration page.
  • ISB-292. Add two Match Result Types: Won on Forfeit (alt) & Lost on Forfiet (alt) to Sport & AFL platform.
  • ARD-419. Alterations to accreditations to support expired accreditations.
  • ISB-395. Improvements to team nomination feedback.
  • MND-913. Additional fields added to participant pack report.
  • MND-917. Program enterprise reports link added.
  • Improved custom event fields support.


Release 5.99.088

Release Date: 12th Feb 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-533. Netball. Umpire roles added to clubs.
  • Dropped logging for signup validation controls.
  • ARD-416: Accreditation Manager added to Menu.
  • MND-905: Fix problem in Player Statistics entry screen.
  • ISB-391: Main webpage rendered 'false' if new window opens a document.
  • ARD-330: Player filter screen enhancement.
  • MND-683: NSG. Delivery fields & report updates.
  • ARD-331: Match notes warning.
  • Gymnastics Aus: Fix for ie logo issues on SV sites.
  • MND-545. NSG nomination of Parent organisation for registration reference.
  • MND-687. NSG Schools. Support for additional coaches assigned to program.
  • MND-683. NSG - Updates to delivery fields & TPF report.


Release 5.99.087

Release Date: 4th Feb 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Removed script-manager from generic public master pages.
  • Fix for mail-selector select/unselect all.
  • ARD-412. Sport permissions fix for accreditations.
  • MND-897. Fix to include season in schools report creation.
  • MND-898. Comments field added to download.
  • Person Availability upgrade.


Release 5.99.085

Release Date: 28th Jan 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-887. Fix for date range filter on registration manager.
  • Fix for participant logins getting admin menus in some cases.
  • Fix for netball secondary content display on masterpages.
  • MND-849. Netball printable page issues fix.
  • ARD-377. Team/Squad allocation updates.
  • ARD-406. Person transfers updates.
  • ARD-376. Team nomination updates.
  • ARD-411. Download option for player fields edit.


Release 5.99.084

Release Date: 22nd Jan 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ISB-379 GA Support Links.
  • ISB-379 GA Menus.
  • Real-time ladder support.
  • Fix for soccer scoreboard widget.
  • Access error fix for IV packs incorrectly inheriting.
  • MND-869. Category name & order change.
  • Golf. Adjustments to enrolment management admin.
  • Golf. Adjustments to event search criteria.
  • ARD-408: User List Report added.


Release 5.99.083

Release Date: 15th Jan 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-832: Fix to prevent NSG centres being able to submit without programs.
  • MND-853: Fix to event calendar ordering.
  • MND-849: Fix for printable page issues.
  • ISB-374: Fix to only allow numbers and letters in file-names & headers.
  • ISB-383: Vicsoccer. Fix for creating new online registration forms.
  • ISB-382. Fix to allow display of teams on the team entry page, where a category had been removed from the submission form setup.
  • MND-846. Fix for Accreditation update dates, expiry date now being correctly set.
  • MND-852. Fix to ignore registration checks when de-registering from the Registration Manager page.
  • Notification emails now include additional roles. (Team official and member roles added).
  • Fix for display issue when viewing all events.
  • Fix for venues at club context.


Release 5.99.082

Release Date: 7th Jan 2016

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Master pages. Fix for header/footer display issue.
  • ARD-399. RugbyLink Users. User List Enterprise Report added.
  • Fix to maintain season context across event, form signup setup and registrants tabs.
  • ISB 381. Minor fix to news/events display on Sport Vault sites.


Release 5.99.081

Release Date: 23rd Dec 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ISB-373. Mobile SV menu scroll fix.
  • ISB-369. User Maintenance. View action & Login history fix.
  • ISB-371. Signup form. Character limit extended to 8000 for top, bottom & offline payment descriptions.
  • ISB-372: Gymnastics Australia Club Websites template & widgets.
  • ARD-328: Registration Enterprise Report.
  • State/national ability to edit affiliate custom fields.


Release 5.99.080

Release Date: 18th Dec 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Time zone data updates.
  • Fix for restricting logins for expired accounts.
  • Revamp of the entity maintenance functions, in particular entity account tab (now called website).
  • MND-686. NSG. New fields + report adjustment.
  • MND-846. Accreditation dates adjustments.
  • ISB-368. Football. Custom fields fix in edit member signup.
  • MND-847. Fix for cross sport registration history.
  • MND-807. NSG Program Dashboard - Reports fix.
  • Club Finder. Config and layout adjustments.
  • ARU Admin menu & all sports SV style adjustments.
  • ISB-364. SV layout sites style fix.
  • ARU. Registration fix for unallocated players.


Release 5.99.079

Release Date: 15th Dec 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • New MS pricing options.
  • MND-840. Fix for Organisation Relationship errors.
  • ARD-374. Fix for referee Handling.
  • ARD-316. Registration manager enhancements.
  • ARD-317. Transfer and clearance enhancements.
  • ARD-318. Player clearance list enhancements.
  • ISM-88. Match summary - public.
  • ISM-85. Fix age limits on grade edit screen.


Release 5.99.077

Release Date: 3rd Dec 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-668. Fix to limit timeouts from person logon manager.
  • ARD-384. Website Module - Custom Template.
  • ISB-360. Cricket. Player scores batting order fix.
  • MND-826. Fix for webstore configuration issue.


Release 5.99.076

Release Date: 1st Dec 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Classic websites - support for master pages.
  • Fix for calendar display issues on Edit draw & Match Manager.


Release 5.99.075

Release Date: 30th Nov 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Mobile websites and other website upgrades.


Release 5.99.073

Release Date: 23rd Nov 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-814. Netball. Fix to download Entrants for past seasons.
  • MND-761. Netball. Participation report updates.
  • Custom admin & part portal messages.


Release 5.99.072

Release Date: 20th Nov 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Rewrite of selectorbar for better mobile support.
  • GV-6. Minor bug fixes. Search + admin.
  • ISB-352. Fox for Umpire Report entry error.


Release 5.99.069

Release Date: 13th Nov 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ISB-349. Oceania Rugby ladder config.
  • Cricket. Deletion of ball data (from app) included when deleting/clearing a match.
  • ARD-387. ARU. Updates to team nomination overview.
Golf Events updates.
  • Responsive support for event finder.
  • Ability to register to events from child orgs from Program Enrolment Management page.
  • Player Events admin page added.
  • Ability to delete event category season records.
  • Support added for access to season other than the current one.
  • Partner fields added to download.


Release 5.99.066

Release Date: 6th Nov 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-779. Fix for advanced Pricing, family discounts - early bird discounts.
  • ISB-344. Player Scores Report to RV Rugby Menu.
  • ISB-339. Fix for Umpires & Team Assessment Summary Pages.
  • Event updates. Wait listed products default to $0.
  • Sport wide config setting to support ability to hide a product amount when it is $0. (during signup)


Release 5.99.065

Release Date: 23rd Oct 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-382: VIVA7s - Hide Team Join Form.
  • MND-651. Fix for screen refresh issue.
  • ARD-301: ARU. New custom bonus points added.
  • ISB-342: Cricket. Calculation for Net Run Rate.
  • ARD-341. ARU. Team nomination allocate to squad.
  • ARD-367. Minor text fix.
  • MND-774. Opimisation fix for transaction rpt.
  • MND-789. Fix for timeout errors for enrolment report download.


Release 5.99.062

Release Date: 8th Oct 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-711: Menu added to SV.
  • ARD-362: Fix to maintain SV skin from event finder.
  • Fixes to allow for multi season in programs.


Release 5.99.061

Release Date: 1st Oct 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Disable other products when joining team from team invite.
  • Rugby menu adjustments.
  • Member Signup bug fix.
  • MND-742: Fix for bulk course enrol the same person multiple times.
  • (#839067): Fix for initial registration signup page for Sport Vaults sites.
  • ISB-327. Cricket. Max overs fix.
  • MND-771. Fix for netsetgo registration period inheritence.


Release 5.99.060

Release Date: 24th Sept 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Setup and config for VIVA.
  • VIVA. Signup form option to join team.
  • VIVA. No team preference option.
  • VIVA. specific team invite email template.
  • Waitlists. Show warning under products when being allocated to wait lists, enforce limits in backend.
  • Display fix for events edit popup.
  • Order by dates in event results page.
  • Event finder, PDF’s open to new browser tab.
  • Enforce max entry and waitlist limits backend (registration entrants, and also registration manager)
  • Bug fix for Event enrolment page.


Release 5.99.059

Release Date: 17th Sept 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ISB-329. Access fix for Clubs using CM mode.
  • Mobile App. Sport selector for Account recovery.
  • Event updates.


Release 5.99.058

Release Date: 14th Sept 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ISB-316: Media-content tag to the RSS feed- RV APP
  • Layout adjustment to account recovery page


Release 5.99.057

Release Date: 3rd Sept 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • GV-5. External js reference added to event finder.
  • GV-4. Max entries optional at category tier.
  • GV-3. Duplication product bug fix
  • Cricket - replaced match scores page with .NET, use Telerik menus, other minor tidy ups.


Release 5.99.056

Release Date: 27th Aug 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ISB-320. Nomination fix when no destination grade selected.
  • ARD-306. Player History Report fix.
  • ARD-308. Fix for Player History Report not displaying 'Finals' Rounds.
  • MND-708. Paging added & status fix Courses tab.
  • MND-740. Fix for Netfest transaction report.
  • MND-672. Fix for Sorting by Date in the Match Manager.
  • MND-709. Signup form mandatory check to include default fields.
  • ISB-321. User Edit fix after multiple postbacks.
  • GV-2. Unique event name validation disabled.


Release 5.99.054

Release Date: 20th Aug 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Member-signup credits support.
  • Minor design improvements to admin home page.
  • ISB-312. Hide entity teams that are inactive from the nomination process.
  • ARD-310. Apply for player clearance fix.


Release 5.99.052

Release Date: 13th August 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Fix for ladders round by round when points hidden.
  • Cricket match stats page for ball by ball.
  • ARD-300. Person Contact Details Screen added.
  • ISB-309. Player Scoring Report. Optimisations & styling changes.
  • #838499. Webstore admin - New paypal a/c added.


Release 5.99.051

Release Date: 6th August 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-250. Default sort order included for onload.
  • ISB-300. Fix for public website in menu (Telerik & CA).
  • Fix for correct login to wrong url display message.
  • MND-609. Additional Fields added to Reg Extract report.
  • ISB-289. Fix for adding/editing registration periods.
  • ISB-296. Fix for switching between grades/games.
  • ISB-290. Removal of inline style from SportzVault news rotator.


Release 5.99.048

Release Date: 30th July 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-296. User Details - Link Target.
  • ARD-250. Included grade sort_order in ordering.
  • ISB-275. Entity Teams fix when added via member signup.
  • SQT-58. SQT-59. SQT-60. SQT-62. Squash. Changes to start-up signup page.
  • New logout warning control.
  • Fixes for school sports reg and score entry when participating in other comps belonging to orgs in other sports.
  • MND-675. Family Discount included for Netball.
  • SQT-63. Squash. Default person-list fields change.
  • MND-630. School Reporting.
  • MND-399. NA New Scoresheet.
  • MND-676. Netball. Admin switch from Comp-Art to Telerik.
  • ISB-299. Aust Rules. Menu to enterprise reports added.


Release 5.99.046

Release Date: 16th July 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-212. Rugby Link Management Report.
  • ARD-275. Fix to enable quick filter.
  • Newsletter Manager changes due to changes at SendGrid.
  • Merge routine updates to handle entity structure changes.
  • MND-673. Style updates.


Release 5.99.045

Release Date: 10th July 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ISB-285. Fix to include script manager in page.
  • ARD-274. Fix for scoring report sorting bug.
  • Event updates to support additional configuration options.


Release 5.99.044

Release Date: 2nd July 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-273. Fix for players with only secondary registrations within a given period.
  • ARD-271. Fix for duplicate notification recipients.
  • ISB-276. Bulk import template generation fix.


Release 5.99.043

Release Date: 25th Jun 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-206. Registration Manager - Paging / Selector (note removed).
  • ARD-272. Registration report fix for ARU States.
  • MND-616. Safari.browser fix for Sportz Vault sites.
  • ARD-270. Voted awards menu added to ARU portal.
  • Added Netball Aust Schools program.
  • Added Telerik handlers for SportzVault Admin site.
  • ARD 269. Penalty tries fix on Player Score Entry Screen.


Release 5.99.042

Release Date: 19th June 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-618. Netball video player fix.
  • WebStore upgrade.
  • SQT-55 + SQT-56. Squash. Layout & login fixes.
  • ISB-271. Update to configuration for RadEditor in RVAdmin instance (Cricket)
  • MND-616. Tab fix for IOS devices.
  • MND-632. Fix for Transaction Report.
  • MND-589. Extract reports to use team media name.
  • ARD-268. Player name added to Incident download.


Release 5.99.041

Release Date: 12th Jun 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-258. Fix for ACTJRU Registration Summary Report.
  • ISB-260. Fix for Daily Transaction Report Page.
  • ARD-236. Fix for Penalty Tries displaying in Public Portal.
  • MND-617. Fix to Top Scorers & menu update.
  • ARD-261. Player Participation Per Week Report. (Available at all states)
  • ARD-219. Fix for Administering Referee Associations in Rugby Link.
  • MND-514. Change AD source for MyNetball.
  • MND-622. Fix for Payment gateway appearing multiple times in drop down list.
  • ISB 268. ISB 269. ISB 270. ISB 272. MSU Validations.


Release 5.99.039

Release Date: 1st June 2015

Minor Fix

  • Player Appearances bug fix for download.


Release 5.99.038

Release Date: 29th May 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MND-500. Prevent activity deletion when enrolments exist.
  • Fix for demographics and data analysis dashboards.
  • MND-489. Change to allow registration to multiple activity streams.
  • ARD-245. Payment Gateway Report - Club, Assoc and State.
  • ARD-242. Entity Account (Summary) - Organisation filter added.


Release 5.99.037

Release Date: 28th May 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARF-177. Player History Report.
  • ARD-235. Incident Detail Report to Include Players Current Club.
  • ARD-222. Reporting available in Admin Screens.
  • #837412. Fix for team report.
  • MND-553. Increase bulk match entry limit.
  • Removal of MatchResultsBlitz form.
  • MND-607. Fix for person merge failures.
  • SQT-52. Squash. Attachments for new user emails.
  • MND-594. Style fix.
  • Turn on SmartBanner for MyNetball to prompt users to download app.
  • Addition of Sin Bins to Match Details Screen on Rugby Public Portal.
  • ARD-244. ARU menu update.
  • MND-524. Enforce Lock Date.
  • Implementing new Payment Gateway logging routines.


Release 5.99.036

Release Date: 22nd May 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ISB-266: Fix for Chrome zoom bug with Telerik controls


Release 5.99.035

Release Date: 21st May 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-234. ARU. Fix for portrait printing sizes.
  • ISB-261. Account Adjustment screen updates.
  • SQT-51. Squash. Report reference menu updates.
  • Aust Rules. New media Template for AAP News.
  • ARD 167/220 Club Championship overhaul.
  • ISB-264. Fix for matchmanager with multi-tabs.
  • Payment Gateway report added to all sports.


Release 5.99.034

Release Date: 14th May 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Adjustment to support RSS details view.
  • Netball: Prevent centre submit on zero programs.
  • NetBall: "NO Email" check box enabled only for Admin users, disabled in participant portal.
  • Membership Signup. Fix for forms with no DOB.
  • Club finder. Error feedback for maximum result threshold.
  • ARD-207. ARU. Fix to popup message.
  • MND-580. Filter fix for club/assoc dropdowns.
  • SQT-50. Squash. Added new roles+subroles.
  • New PaymentGateway transaction report.
  • Additional checks added as part of registration for open date and bad config.
  • Increased checking in member signup for registration failure.
  • Added extra field to registrations for tracking de-registrations.
  • Added a Scorecard template for rugby.


Release 5.99.033

Release Date: 8th May 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Netball. Minor fix for Netfest styling.
  • Player Merge. Added duplicate check to Panel Role.
  • Bulk registration fix + feedback change.
  • Club Finder. Optional parent fall back added.
  • Rugby. Player participation report added.
  • Rebuild of Entity Accounting screens.
  • Changes to RegPaymentDeatil to include details popup.


Release 5.99.032

Release Date: 4th May 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARU menu updates.
  • Newsletter manager. Change child passwords.
  • Disable some SV asp pages that were causing events to be logged.
  • Fixes to reg-signup to handle skinned sites.
  • Round Results Live cache adjustment.
  • ARD-227. Extra validation placed around entering player incidents.


Release 5.99.031

Release Date: 1st May 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Squash. Payments Received added.
  • New scorecard template added.
  • Netball. Player invite email template.
  • Fix for searching against null emails.
  • Rugby. Registration report added.
  • Add SA to Club finder dropdown in netball public site.


Release 5.99.028

Release Date: 15th April 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-208. Added yellow/double yellow validation, changed locking for assocs.
  • ARD-209. Transaction report caching and fixes.
  • ARD-194. Incident Detail Report for ARU.
  • ARD-178. Incident Discrepancy Report for ARU.
  • SimplePersonSearch.ascx UI upgrade.
  • ARD-96. Clearances (included To_Parent_entity in all notifcations).


Release 5.99.026

Release Date: 9th Apr 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Fix for live Scoreboard refresh.
  • Updated logo to scoreboard.
  • Match score conversion validation fix.


Release 5.99.025

Release Date: 1st Apr 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-198. Public Portal. Player Points adjustments.
  • ARD-187. Player incidents entry upgrade.
  • ISB-228. Additional data included in person merge routine.
  • ARD-186. Drop netball columns from export for other sports.
  • MND-481 Team nomination form missing dropdown.
  • ARD-7. Registration Transaction Report updates.
  • INT-13. Custom List adjustments. Drop unused fields and simple reg fields from advanced registration sports.
  • MND-476. Netball grading report.
  • ARD-199. Match display issue adjustments.
  • ARD-201. ARU payment gateway fix.


Release 5.99.024

Release Date: 30th Mar 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • MYN 566. Added detailed extract to enrolment summary.
  • Feature Panel Widget. Fix to allow multiple panels on the same page.
  • ARD-189. Reg type fix. Interpret null as 0.
  • #833448. Full names included in scorecards.
  • INT-13. Fix for * indicator for custom lists.


Release 5.99.022

Release Date: 25th Mar 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ISB-225. Duplicate records fix for custom lists.
  • MND-456. Inclusion of Cat# on various admin pages.
  • Tennis. Prompt for app download.


Release 5.99.021

Release Date: 19th Mar 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-103 - Player points system (ARU)
  • #833448 - Netball. 2 scorecards added.


Release 5.99.020

Release Date: 16th Mar 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARD-154. Pay offline moved below cc payment.
  • #835830. Rugby. Registration dashboard menu entry added.
  • ISB-234. Dropped multipage select all from registration manager.
  • API adjustments.
  • MND-478. Fix to registration report.


Release 5.99.019

Release Date: 12th Mar 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Player reg help update.
  • Enrolment manager bug fixes.
  • Config fix.
  • Reg Report added detail extract.
  • Support for match day manager app.
  • MND-479. Incorrectly reporting squad is locked.
  • ARD-95. Fix for team list in printouts.
  • Style fix for public sites.
  • Menu fix for Chrome.


Release 5.99.018

Release Date: 5th Mar 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • ARU player/match scores.
  • Club championship ladder enabled for ARU.
  • Event search optimisations.


Release 5.99.016

Release Date: 27th Feb 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Registration report.
  • Menu updates.
  • Un-enrol fix (Event management).


Release 5.99.015

Release Date: 25th Feb 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Implemented embedded registration type for program enrolments.
  • Change to UI for registration manager


Release 5.99.012

Release Date: 19th Feb 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Change generic sites to use admin bar.
  • Squash menu revamp.
  • Fix for Netball form creation issues.
  • ISB-201. Drop gateway step for rugby.
  • Fix for Team nomination allocations.
  • Fix for searching Person Id from the Event Management page.


Release 5.99.010

Release Date: 12th Feb 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Filter hidden entities from registration club dropdown.
  • Fix for blank form after age threshold exceeded on registration.
  • 2015 reg enterprise report added.
  • Creation of missing dependent records when none exist during registration.


Release 5.99.006

Release Date: 5th Feb 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Check & show message for same player registering to the same event more than once.
  • Participation pack report updates.
  • Squash. Update umpire name to referee.
  • Admin typo fix.
  • Fix for venue address causing JScript errors.
  • Generic feedback page added.
  • Check for no/null mobile phone for notifications.
  • Warning added for registration submit, clicking back, then re-submitting.
  • Fix for copy event.
  • Event Search. Added event type filter option in Query String.
  • Fix for dropdown form selection on signup.
  • Additional logging for registration.


Release 5.99.004

Release Date: 23rd Jan 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Fix to club finder.
  • Fix for state dropdown on Netball homepage.


Release 5.99.003

Release Date: 23rd Jan 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Removed hardcoded text from email notifcation for PublicEnquiry process.
  • SQT-33. Fix for adding new registration age bands.
  • IPSI. Zero splits handled correctly.
  • MND-418. Partipation Pack Report update.
  • Squash. Styling updates. Signup configuration updates.


Release 5.99.002

Release Date: 21st Jan 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Removed hardcoded text from email notifcation for PublicEnquiry process.
  • SQT-33. Fix for adding new registration age bands.
  • IPSI. Zero splits handled correctly.
  • MND-418. Partipation Pack Report update.
  • Squash. Styling updates. Signup configuration updates.


Release 5.99.001

Release Date: 16th Jan 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Events. Fix for form creation on new season.
  • Minor fix MS sending receipts.


Release 5.99.000

Release Date: 15th Jan 2015

Minor Fixes and updates

  • Minor fixes for admin user bar.
  • New email template for ARU member signup.
  • Image updates.
  • Family registration fix.
  • Admin reports fix..