“The eight state and territory Membership Organisations have worked with Netball Australia and InteractSport to realise the vision of a world class platform that will encourage the growth of netball at the grassroots level”

Kate Palmer,  CEO,  Netball Australia

"MyCricket (ResultsVault) has become an essential tool for the management of community clubs and associations around Australia and has provided participants with a whole new level of engagement with the game"

James Sutherland,  CEO,  Cricket Australia

"InteractSport have been exceptional in meeting the needs of the sport, with the transition of former processes - a much smoother and more efficient change than anticipated. InteractSport is helping grow Tennis Australia’s reputation for facilitating positive change."

Robin O'Neill,  General Manager - Community Tennis Tennis Australia

More Testimonials..

“Cricket Australia partnered with InteractSport from the 2008-09 cricket season to launch MyCricket, which gives community cricket the ability to manage players, competitions, statistics and their own websites through a national cricket management system. The system philosophy of empowering association, club and individual users to take control of their cricket results and statistics is already reaping good rewards and is building a great history for Australian cricket. The partnership has been strong from the start and InteractSport has been willing to work with Cricket Australia to deliver MyCricket’s strategic objectives and to ensure continuous improvement.”

James Sutherland Chief Executive Officer, Cricket Australia

“Partnering with InteractSport to implement a National cricket management solution will ensure that Australian cricket continues to meet future challenges, ease the increasing administration burden at all levels and co-ordinate our resources more effectively within the game. Online competitions, results and statistics are also an ideal medium to bring diverse communities together to celebrate cricket. We are delighted with this outcome to strengthen the relationships that exist in Australian cricket.”

James Sutherland Chief Executive Officer, Cricket Australia

“It’s an exciting step for cricket and for all community players out there, whose stats will be treated the same as international cricketers by this solution. It means that if you are playing in your local Under 12’s team you can now compare your statistics and results with not only your team mates and opponents but every other Under 12 player in the country. You’ll even be able to check into the system and compare against Ricky Ponting, Brett Lee and all other Australian players. If you’re a young kid out there who has been making loads of runs or taking lots of wickets, Cricket Australia will now know who you are. You might just have your name jotted down as one to watch.” (Referring to MyCricket, the Australian National Cricket Solution powered by InteractSport)

Michael Clarke Australian Test Cricket Captain

“InteractSport are our winning tender solution and have been exceptional in meeting the early needs of the sport. The future is very bright given our relationship is based on providing service, growth in participation and bringing innovation to the sport. The transition of former processes to the InteractSport system (Competition Planner) has been a much smoother and more efficient change than anticipated. Change is often a feared word in sports administration and InteractSport is helping grow Tennis Australia’s reputation for facilitating positive change.”

Robin O’Neill General Manager, Community Tennis – Tennis Australia

“It is the perfect tool because it soon came to seem like an extension of ourselves. Everyone uses it, respects it, has fun with it, takes pride in it – and can hardly remember what life was like before it.”

Gideon Haigh South Yarra Cricket Club, Author, Historian (Editor – Wisden), Senior Cricket Writer – The Australian

“Following the death of the C.E.O. Mr.Kelly, VicSoccer was in turmoil, not knowing if there would be a league this season. If we did not run the league this season then there would be no next season because the teams would have joined other leagues or folded. None of what VicSoccer has achieved this season could not been possible without the intervention from Interactsport.

When I first approached your company, which was recommended by players from Albert Park Soccer Club, my head was spinning by the amount of administration issues that I had to attend to. The biggest issue I was facing was organising the league, communicating appropriately with clubs, and having a showpeice of a website that VicSoccer can be proud to show to all and sundry. Clubs want to see fixtures, goalscorers, results, club details, online registration and a package that makes their sporting life easier to deal with.

My first meeting with yourself gave me a great deal of confidence to do the jobs that I had to do knowing that Interactsport would, infact, take VicSoccer to a greater level than it had been in the previous twenty years. For the first time in twenty years clubs have got all the relevant information that they could possibly need at their fingertips. The support that I have received has been nothing short of wonderful and it is comforting to know that if I need assistance, then it is only a phone call away.

I guess the true measure of any business relationship is, "would I recommend this company to anyone else ," the answer to that question is one hundred per cent of the time, yes.”

Keith Charlesworth Chief Executive Officer - VicSoccer

“The (online) Registration payment process for approximately 1100 members in 2011 was a smooth and seamless exercise. We have a number of registration categories, prior planning with InteractSport had potential problems resolved prior to the running of the Registration system. All existing members are sent password and log on details by FFV also having newly qualified referees throughout the year and they register as required. The Registration system has been developed by a close working relationship with InteractSport over 5 years and the most important part of working with InteractSport is that they are always quick with their responses and resolutions, should any problems arise throughout the season.”

Chris Bambridge Referees Manager, Football Federation Victoria

“At the end of the 2009-10 season Auckland Cricket sought to further resource the Club Cricket Manager role by increasing the administrational capabilities of its CMS. After investigating a variety of CMS Auckland Cricket, in September 2010, contracted the services of InteractSport to provide an online CMS solution in the form of ResultsVault Cricket. In general the move to ResultsVault Cricket has been extremely successful. It has significantly increased the amount of match information recorded by clubs/teams and consequently has increased the depth of information now available to players, coaches, managers, parents, age group selectors and the Association. As a direct result the number of visits to Auckland Cricket’s online draws and results portal for the period October 2010 to March 2011, when compared to the same period last season, has increased by 276%.”

Daniel Farrow Cricket Manager, Auckland Cricket Association