InteractSport started life in 1999 when avid cricketers Andrew Walton, David Macaulay and Peter Macaulay began developing an online results statistics management system for the club they all played for, the South Yarra Cricket Club in Melbourne.

With overwhelming interest from other local cricket and sporting clubs the trio setout to design and develop a sports management system that could handle the needs of the many thousands of sports clubs using a 100% web based solution.

By 2001 the ResultsVault Competition and Participant Management system was ready and rolled out commercially across Australia.  During the next few years demand for the ResultsVault product grew strongly along with the number of features the system offered its users.

By 2004 the company (then operating under the ResultsVault name) changed its name to InteractSport and moved into larger offices in Clayton. That year also saw the completion of other sports products including those for Football (Soccer), Hockey and Indoor Sports along with the SportzVault website product.

In 2007 other sporting products were developed including those for Lawn Bowls, Rugby, AFL Football, Baseball and head office moved to more central premises in South Melbourne.

Currently, InteractSport is regarded as one the leading suppliers of web based sports managements products  servicing thousands of sporting organisation across 10 countries around the world.